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The lost art of customer service I've reached the stage of my life when it infuriates me when people don't bother to return calls or emails or follow up on enquiries. Having spent two decades in communications it puzzles me why companies spend millions advertising their products but then make it so difficult for customers to actually buy those products. I recently tried to open a Tax-Free Savings Account with a well-known insurance company that has now ventured into the retail banking field. Turns out they have a pretty favourable interest rate, the best of the bunch apparently. I thought it would be a simple exercise to open an account, considering I already have medical aid and car insurance with this same company. Fool that I am! After a couple of tries I gave up. Apparently the easiest way to do it is to download the app. This seems to be the 'go to' response to any enquiry these days: "Have you got the app?" If you respond in the negative, they instantly