Why quality content remains king

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of these things that so many know about but aren’t sure exactly how it works. 

While there is much you can do to your website to help search engine crawlers, quality content is what will build your brand and promote engagement. Why? Because you’re talking to people, not machines.  

You can’t fake quality

People find your site or page because they’re looking for answers, i.e., quality information that is presented in readily-digestible format. Google and other search engines are wise to tricks and shortcuts that people use to optimise their pages. Quality content, however, is always given the green light and, most importantly, appreciated by visitors.

If you provide original and interesting content, easily absorbed and understood, visitors will stick around. They may even come back for more and tell their friends. Why? Because you’ve delivered content they value.

SEO checklist

  1. Good content is easy to read and understand. Write for the average person – no-one cares about how smart you think you are.
  2. Deliver content to help people achieve a goal or solve a problem.
  3. Make sure grammar and spelling is good to go. This is where professional SEO writers make all the difference. We’ll create an article that is easy to read, interesting and presents your company in the best light.
  4. Ensure you have the right amount of key words that blend in beautifully.
  5. Use short paragraphs (1 to 4 sentences) and sub-headers – avoid big blocks of text.
  6. Let your headings tell a story. People scan a body of copy before they read it. So make sure they get the gist of the story through the headlines.
  7. Use pattern interrupts – tools that keep your readers engaged, i.e., short videos, numbered lists, bullet points, etc.
  8. High-quality content is king! It doesn’t matter how much you optimise your page if the content is low quality.

Optimising a page – key tips

  1. Key word placement – your key word should be in the URL, title, first sentence and sprinkled a few times throughout the content but not ‘stuffed’ to the extent that it makes the content poorer for it.
  2. Key word variations – use Google’s suggested results to find key word variations to place within your content and headings
  3. Page-loading – make sure your pages load quickly and easily and are optimised for mobile phones.
  4. Link out to trustworthy sources.
  5. Hire a professional writer! A real professional will deliver a well-researched, beautifully crafted piece of content that will draw the visits you desire.

If you need quality content for your blogs, newsletters, social media or website, I’d love to assist. Contact me on croziermark@gmail.com.


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